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disclaimer. Not mine. I think that much is clear or the movie would've had a higher rating.
title. Acta Non Verba
rating. Adult
pairing. Kirk/Spock
summary. Jim groans in response and finally lets go.
notes. My first K/S, nervous as hell after editing.

Acta Non Verba

Jim doesn't know how or why he ended up in this position, but he's definitely not going to complain. He may act like an overgrown, hormonal teenager at times (or all the time, according to Bones, usually when he's bleeding all over sickbay), but he isn't stupid; he knows a good thing when he saw one.

“Spock,” he groans, panting for breath as long fingers slid in and out of him. Slick with the lube Jim had taken from Bones' inventory, they suddenly push up and Jim jumps, stars clouding his vision while pleasure pools hot and fast in his belly. “Fuck.”

“Jim.” The low rumble of Spock's voice does nothing to cool his ardor, especially when the Vulcan withdraws his fingers, puts his hands behind Jim's knees and pushes his legs back. When he leans over Jim's thrumming body, he tells him, with mouth inches from Kirk's own, “It's imperative you relax to avoid undue injury,” and it's the hottest thing Jim's heard in spite of the clinical delivery.

Jim twines his ankles around Spock's midsection, toes touching shoulder blades with every move, and breathes out, going languid in his lover's hold, yet Spock hesitates as he takes himself in hand, wiping lube along his length. As he lines up, he chokes out, “I will endeavor to...”

But the man beneath him interrupts, “Endeavor nothing, Spock. I'm not going to break – just fuck me.” He tangles his fingers into the Vulcan's hair, pulling their mouths together and kissing him hard. Jerking up, his cock grinds against Spock's pelvis and he growls, one hand coming up to wrap around Jim's wrists, pressing them into the bed.

He thrusts forward, sliding into Jim until there's no further he can go then stilling with eyes closed. His control's precarious; Jim's murmuring in his ear, “I've been thinking about this since you had me over that console. Could you feel how hard I was then?”

Spock answers by spreading his thighs, drawing back his hips, and Jim moans (which he'll never admit) when the crown of the cock within him glances his prostate. He pulls out suddenly, eliciting a whine from Jim who leans up on his elbows when Spock releases his hands.

Confused, Jim starts to speak only to find hands on his hips as he's guided up onto his knees and Spock moves behind him. “This is similar what I have thought about, Captain,” Spock tells him, cock snubbing against Kirk's ass again.

He says Jim's title like a benediction and a curse, and Jim smirks. “You like the idea of me on my knees,” Kirk mutters; he arches into the sensation of being penetrated once more. Then Spock sets both hands on Jim's shoulders, forcing him down onto his hands and knees before sliding his hands down to Jim's slim hips and falling into an unyielding rhythm.

“Fuck, Spock,” Jim grunts as his wrists give out and he falls forward. “Harder,” he grinds out with his face buried in the coarse linen comforter. He tries to push himself back up, but Spock shoves out a hand, yanking Jim's out from under him.

Unable – and apparently not permitted – to get leverage, Jim can only lay there, feeling the slide and push and flare of Spock's dick until the sensation brings him so close to the edge his balls draw up. He tries to move, to get his shoulder further into the covers so he can wrap his hand around his cock (all he needs is a few strokes) only Spock's thrusts have grown in intensity, quick and short.

He comes first. Jim knows later he'll find it fitting that Spock's reaction to orgasm is silence, his body taut from head to toe. It's over quickly, the tiny loss of his control, and it ends when Jim reaches for his cock. “Please allow me,” Spock murmurs, after pulling Jim back up and into his lap.

His hand is warm, steady, and when Spock strokes his thumb over the head, Jim's toes clench. A finger nail slits into the tip, Jim groans in response and finally lets go.

Date: 2009-06-04 04:52 am (UTC)
dancing_serpent: (ST Reboot - Spock/Kirk - animated)
From: [personal profile] dancing_serpent
Very hot!

Date: 2009-06-04 02:35 pm (UTC)
foliageink: notuploaded24-1 (Default)
From: [personal profile] foliageink

Great job! and..um...more? pretty please?

Date: 2009-06-05 01:19 am (UTC)
rhaegal: (Default)
From: [personal profile] rhaegal
Guh. ghijsghkipdf. <- That is my intelligent and coherent review.

Date: 2009-06-05 06:13 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] kolinahr
Oooh, that was very, very lovely. ^_^ Great job!

Date: 2009-06-07 11:19 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] xcorpusdelictix
Mmm, that was yummy.

Date: 2009-11-11 07:15 pm (UTC)
adafrog: (Default)
From: [personal profile] adafrog
Oh wow. *fans self*

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